Your Hearts Desire

When I was ten years old our neighbor taught me how to play Jesus Loves Me on the piano. The method was simple. A two finger chord with the left hand and a single finger melody played with the right. I built off of this quickly and instantly began praying for a piano.

At the age of twelve my parents purchased a tired old piano at a school rummage sale. Dad was unemployed while attending university and Mom was working in a furniture factory. Money was extremely tight! At the time I knew the sacrifice was great but only as far a child without experience can.

Years later, when we were moving into our first place, my husband purchased an old piano and helped restore the finish. My heart was full. I spent hours and hours playing hymns, often more of a devotional time for me than picking up a book. So when God told us to sell everything and move to the U.S., selling my piano was a hard thing for me to do.

I asked God to please sell my piano, but ONLY if He was going to sell our house. Although there were keys that didn’t work and some that wouldn’t stay in tune, it sold immediately for an exceptionally good price. I took the money and deposited it into an account of its own so I could replace it. Not long after my piano sold, the money helped us through a tight spot. When doubts would drift into my mind that maybe God didn’t tell us to move I would be reminded that God sold my piano. Even though I knew I had done the right thing I mourned my piano.

As we waited for God to act my husband spent hours drawing house plans so to be ready once our house sold. I smiled when he showed me the designated area for a grand piano but knew in my heart that we wouldn’t be able to afford it then, if ever! Nearly two years later God did sell our house and we moved to the U.S.

Not long before moving into our new house I “happened” to come across an ad for a grand piano for $200! I called our pastor right away as both his father and brother were piano technicians. They quickly gave us advice to purchase it and also offered to help dismantle it and put it back together. God had provided before I even knew we needed help. We had no idea how to move a grand or that they even were designed to come apart!

My parents had sent me money for my birthday and Christmas present. I had saved it for something special, and special this was! But the story doesn’t end there. As a house warming gift we were given the first and second tuning of the piano.

Tears slid down my cheeks. Not only did I have “my” piano back, I also had the overwhelming realization of what a loving and faithful God we serve. He CAN be trusted!

“Take delight in the LORD, and He will give you your heart’s desires.” Psalm 37:4

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2 thoughts on “Your Hearts Desire”

  1. A beautiful story thank you. God is so good the comfort of knowing he will never leave us to handle our problems alone.

  2. What an amazing testimony. It warms my heart. I am listening to the podcast with Matt Tommey while checking out your website. Such beautiful work. Make what you love is such a beautiful way to go, I seem to still be finding my way. In how to move pieces from my studio, Such a blessing. Alison.

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