Trust in God

Take A Closer Look

Take A Closer Look It was one of the most stressful times in my life, not one I would ever want to repeat. My stomach was twisted in knots and I broke out in an angry red rash. I tried hard not to touch my neck, the rawest most inflamed.  It itched like mad so …

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Beauty For Ashes

Beauty For Ashes

Beauty for Ashes If you follow my posts you will have noticed that recently I was caught in a mournful struggle. I hardly slept and I stumbled numbly through my day. I refrained from using mascara as my moist eyes were only inviting a black-streaked face. It’s hard to deal with a living loss, hard …

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He Still Calms Storms

He still calms storms I received a message from a friend. “Do you know the song ‘Rock Little Boat’? I would like to sing it for church this Sabbath, could you play it?” Did I know it?! I was instantly taken back to age four. I can still picture the black tape recorder… I could hear …

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He Heard Me Crying

He Heard Me Crying Emotions frozen, fear pinning me to the ground. I stumble through the day while tears ebb and flow like tides on a restless sea. My mother’s heart wants to jump in, wants to stop the nightmare, wants to save her from herself. The temptation of images of all sorts of horrors …

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Pumpkin Pie and Baked Squash

Pumpkin Pie and Baked Squash It was Thanksgiving morning. With family spread far and wide our celebration would be nothing big, but nonetheless important. Being a household of multiple dietary needs, I set out to make double of nearly everything.  No one was going to be left out this year! Pumpkin pie is my husband’s favorite and the first thing I …

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Under the Radar

Under the Radar I braced myself as we prepared to land on a small gravel runway. I was nineteen, in the Canadian arctic, beyond civilization, in a land inhabited by grizzly bears. The plan was that my eighteen-year-old pilot friend would return with his mother and then we would hike to the edge of the …

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Wasps On A War Path

Wasps On A War Path The wedding celebration was ready to begin. We scanned the seating arrangements and found our assigned table. I was delighted to find that my chair was beside two little girls ages two and four. It was more than I could resist, I reached out and brushed the cheek of the …

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