How It All Began


Is was the fall of 2005. God had put a burning desire in my heart to do something for Him. “God, I prayed, “Please give me something to do for You.” Although I had been ministering to my father I had a desire to do more.

Dad was over 1200 miles away, in pain and discouraged. I had taken blank journals and had daily written Bible promises in them, scanned a page and emailed it to him. This had gone on for over a year and stands as testament that I had no abilities to draw or paint. Most of the pages, although filled with love and encouragement, are far from artistic.  As the months progressed I experimented with children’s paint adding more interest to the pages. 

Simultaneously to my daily prayer asking for a ministry, It was Dad’s birthday.  With the desire to make the page extra special I painted a bird. My family and I were surprised at how well it turned out and I knew in my heart something special had happened.  

I never do anything moderately, it is either all or nothing! Sometimes this trait gets me in trouble, this time it proved to be a blessing.

A Ministry Was Born

It was six weeks before Christmas. I decided that I would paint eleven more paintings of birds with Bible promises and make a calendar for Christmas gifts. I began posting my paintings in a Bible Journaling group on Facebook saying things like “Only ten more paintings to go” etc. This inadvertently got a lot of people interested in what I was doing and they began asking if they could order a calendar. Within six weeks of painting my first bird painting I both gave away and sold ninety-eight calendars! It didn’t take long to realize that my prayer had been answered. God had taught me to paint and a ministry was born.

The following spring I began painting a second calendar and that fall the first five “God Tweet” note cards were printed. I have continued this annually to this day.

And God Said, Here’s More…

2018 I again felt God was leading me to share, this time my love for writing. I began writing short stories that related to me personally how God can be trusted. God provided a website designer and got my feet established in publishing a bimonthly devotional/blog.

God Said, “I’m Not Finished I Have A Surprise For You!”

The spring of 2020 God again lead me, this time with a little pushing. Carissa Brown from TCB Entertainment Network contacted me and offered to turn my devotional/blogs into a radio show. This does not come naturally to me I depend heavily on God from start to finish, He has ways of keeping me humble. The radio show “Secure Under His Wings” is scheduled to begin airing this summer. I’m excited to see where and how He uses it.

…when the Son of man comes, will He find faith on the earth?” Luke 18:8

Time is running out, Jesus is soon to return!  More than ever it is time to take God at His word and prove to the world that He can be trusted! I personally challenge you to pray as I did. “God, please give me something to do for You.”  You might be surprised at what is in store!

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