Beauty For Ashes

Beauty For Ashes

Beauty for Ashes If you follow my posts you will have noticed that recently I was caught in a mournful struggle. I hardly slept and I stumbled numbly through my day. I refrained from using mascara as my moist eyes were only inviting a black-streaked face. It’s hard to deal with a living loss, hard …

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He Heard Me Crying

He Heard Me Crying Emotions frozen, fear pinning me to the ground. I stumble through the day while tears ebb and flow like tides on a restless sea. My mother’s heart wants to jump in, wants to stop the nightmare, wants to save her from herself. The temptation of images of all sorts of horrors …

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Pumpkin Pie and Baked Squash

Pumpkin Pie and Baked Squash It was Thanksgiving morning. With family spread far and wide our celebration would be nothing big, but nonetheless important. Being a household of multiple dietary needs, I set out to make double of nearly everything.  No one was going to be left out this year! Pumpkin pie is my husband’s favorite and the first thing I …

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Bread Crumbs

Bread Crumbs This morning I dug through my journals, a collection of my personal prayers, favorite Bible promises, and miracle stories. I picked up the oldest and fattest journal. Inside was a wad of folded papers. After twenty years I was curious as to what they were. I was awash in mixed emotions as I unfolded …

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Wasps On A War Path

Wasps On A War Path The wedding celebration was ready to begin. We scanned the seating arrangements and found our assigned table. I was delighted to find that my chair was beside two little girls ages two and four. It was more than I could resist, I reached out and brushed the cheek of the …

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Bandaged Babies

Bandaged Babies It was a cold winter day. The plastic windows snapped in the wind and the fire in the woodstove crackled and popped. It was too cold to play anywhere but by the fire. An upturned block of firewood stood by the woodstove where my dad had sat warming himself after a cold day of …

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Just Like Daddy

Just Like Daddy Although my sister and I were very much “little girls” who played with dolls and pretended to cook, we also adored our Daddy and wanted to be like him. It made no difference to Dad that we were girls. On special occasions, he took us to work. We were taught to shift …

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