My Feather Down Comforter

Years before the thought even crossed my mind to pray for something to do for God He was preparing me. The following experience was recorded in my journal nearly ten years ago.

When I’m excited about something or things weigh heavy on my heart I often awake around 2:00 AM and have trouble getting back to sleep. I stumble in the dark down to my computer and try to get sleepy. About an hour later I blindly make my way upstairs to the couch, so as not wake my husband, and usually fall back asleep.

It had been one of those nights. I made my way to the couch and snuggled down under my blanket. I soon realized the house was chillier than normal and I needed another one. Not wanting to risk getting colder while getting another blanket I just kept tucking the covers in tighter. I tossed and turned, partly dozing, but then would wake again feeling cold.

After following this pattern for quite sometime I discovered that I was actually laying on another blanket! As I tugged it out from underneath of me it struck me. How long had I been “laying” on God’s promises trying to go on, shivering away with a thin blanket of the knowledge that He loved me when He actually had a warm “feather down” comforter for me. Over the past three years I have shivered and struggled from time to time grabbing at handfuls of “feathers”, a promise here or a promise there, which for the time helped, but oh the warmth of His love when He woke me up and I realized I was laying on a “down comforter”. He picked me up and wrapped it around me. It was then that I finally felt my body relax. I was loved and protected snuggled deep in His “feather comforter”. Anything that came my way had to pass through Him first before it got to me.

While I lay under my extra blanket, finally warm, Psalm 91:4 popped into my head. “He will cover you with His feathers, He will shelter you with His wings. His faithful promises are your armor and protection” Psalm 91:4

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4 thoughts on “My Feather Down Comforter”

  1. This is an awesome testimony to the way God works So often we miss what is right in front of us
    Thank you for sharing this Shawna

  2. Beautiful… what a wonderful image of Gods love through His promises and His desire to keep us secure in them not just using one “feather” at a time. Thanks for sharing. God bless and this Facebook group is a beautiful way to share these feathers with each other. Thank you.

  3. Jenna Lambeth

    Profound words!!!
    Thank you…
    One of my fav scriptures is “He that dwelleth in the secret place of the Most High, shall abide under the shadow of the Almighty!”
    I was thinking “feathers” were in there somewhere, but not–haha!
    But same train if thought…
    Snuggle down, abide in Him.?

  4. This has touched me to the core Shawna!! Thank you for this!! I so often get busy *trying* to work for Jesus that I miss His tender care under His feathers… I grasp at the individual feathers, not realizing He’s there for me much more than I can fathom in this earthly body. Bless you for the reminder that He is much more than what I often miss… I pray God will expand your ministry and your borders! I pray I can do the same as God leads me.

    Big hugs.. as you minister to the least of these.. Matthew 25:40

    Your friend, Evon <3

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