In a Moment

Back when our children were still in diapers the main industry in our tiny town crashed causing a documented ninety-five percent unemployment! The entire region was suffering. Our sole income came from our cabinet shop. We were out of money and no way to pay our upcoming mortgage payment. We prayed and waited, then waited some more. We believed God would provide but when the day our payment was due there was silence.

I tearfully walked into the bank to inform them of our situation. The loans officer was not only a friend of ours but also a member of our church family. Tears slipped down my face as I explained that we didn’t have the money for our mortgage payment. I told him we were praying about it. I don’t remember what he said at the time but I know I was met with understanding and kindness. I left feeling rotten inside. I went home with a heavy heart.

Not long after I returned home the phone rang. My husband took the call, it was someone wanting an estimate for a kitchen! We immediately stopped and prayed. Within the hour my husband was in the car headed to meet with the potential customer.

I wandered around the house absent mindedly cleaning and praying while I waited for him to come home. After what seemed like forever I heard the car pull into the driveway. I ran out to meet him and before he opened his mouth I knew he had the job! His eyes sparkled and a grin spread across his face. Not only did he have the job, the customer had paid for the entire kitchen in advance!

We stood the driveway, tears of joy streamed down my face! Once again we prayed but this time it was a prayer of thanksgiving! My once heavy heart had been exchanged for a light one. I headed straight to the bank.

I nearly skipped as I went through the doors. I didn’t wait to be ushered in but walked right up to the loans officers desk. His face had a look of bewilderment on it. Only hours ago I had sat in front of him in tears, now I had returned with a grin bigger than the horizon. I related to him what just happened. He was in shock and had no choice but agree that we had experienced a miracle.

We have had our cabinet business for over twenty three years. Never have we received a full payment in advance before or since. Without a doubt, this was a miracle!

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