Great Grandmother’s Faith

She was a small woman slightly hunched over in a her chair but what I remember most was her hands. This is the very first and last memory I have I my Great Grandmother. Even at the age of seven I understood that her extremely twisted hands must have hurt.

My sister, cousins, and second cousins were all there. Our parents herded us into a circle at Great Grandma’s feet. I remember feeling it a privilege to hear what she was going to say and sat intently listening.

My grandmother was her first born followed by seven more. She had raised them all, in a time when most, if not all of the conveniences we have today were not even invented. She was tired, and ready to rest.

Great Grandma had raised all her children to love the Lord, her faith was strong and she desired to pass this on, not only to her children and grandchildren but also, to her great grandchildren.

I wish my memory was better, I would love to recall the details of the story. Maybe the details aren’t as important as is the fact that I do remember the lesson being taught. Great Grandma’s story was one of faith and of answered prayer.

Forty years later, I now have a granddaughter of my own. Five generations of daughters and granddaughters. Each generation passing onto the next Great Grandmother’s faith and that God does indeed answer prayer.

“Your faithfulness extends to every generation, as enduring as the earth you created.” Psalm 119:90 NLT

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1 thought on “Great Grandmother’s Faith”

  1. Beautiful story! What more than great grandparents great grandparent parents leaving a legacy generation to generation about Jesus Christ Salvation and special memories!❤️❤️???? God Bless you all!?❤️❤️

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