She Has Done What She Could

The theme of my dreams are all too predictable. I’m always trying to get somewhere or do something with a deadline. Numerous situations slow me down or the film in my head slows down to a near standstill and I have the feeling that I’m stuck in slow motion and can’t accomplish what I need to fast enough. The relief is great when I wake up and escape the anxiety caused from my trapped situations.

Never has there been a time in the span of history that life has been so busy. Could it be that humanity is being caught in a trap? Even the basic things in life like water and air when taken in, in excessive amounts can be harmful. Can we be hyperventilating on life, putting out more than we have time to take in? Could it be that even doing good can become harmful? Perhaps some of the hiccups in life that seem to get in the way and slow us down are actually gifts, God tapping us on the shoulder and saying “My child, you have done enough, sit down and rest awhile. Let’s share this time together.”

Even Jesus needed rest.

“…’Let’s go off by ourselves to a quiet place and rest awhile.’ He said this because there were so many people coming and going that Jesus and His apostles didn’t even have time to eat.” Mark 6:31

The words of wisdom passed down by a dear friend echo in my ears, “She has done what she could.” Mark 14:8 These words are referencing Mary, the sister of busy Martha. When I’m overwhelmed will I look in the mirror and tell the face looking back that she has done what she could?

This morning as I woke up from yet another frantic dream of missed or nearly missed deadlines, I also woke to the realization that my day, like a fresh clean page in a new journal was open before me. Would I cram it full of scribbled ramblings or would I slow down and leave beautiful lines that I could look back on and remember with a smile.

Father, I give you this day and all of those that follow. Chart out the path ahead of me and please tell me, and even tap me on the head if need be, where to stop and rest…

“You chart the path ahead of me and tell me where to stop and rest.” Psalm 139:3 NLT 1996 edition

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6 thoughts on “She Has Done What She Could”

  1. Valerie Shoop-McCreery

    Words to listen to for sure. Too often I do more than I should and forget to stop and sit and listen. Thank you for the reminder

  2. Nelda Bracksieck

    As usual you go right to the heart! I am so happy to have “found” you Shawna and to be able to know you and enjoy your work. I look at your three paintings every minute of every day. Thank you from Texas.

  3. Good advice and needed advice We are always trying to fit everything in and often don’t feel like we really accomplished much more than becoming drained If we don’t simplify our lives we cannot continue to do things as God would desire because we doing it all by ourselves without thinking first what God would have planned for us each day Seek first the Kingdom of God

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