His Masterpiece

It started with an impatient word at the grocery store. Hardly had the words left my mouth when the thought crossed my mind “Would have I acted that way if it were someone who knew me and worse yet what if they did!?” The thought was startling it hung around and left me feeling embarrassed and ashamed.

A few hours later I found myself being stirred up inside, my pride was injured and later a thought of jealousy arose. Although I immediately took each incident to Jesus and had the assurance that He covers my sins I was keenly aware of my flaws.

Late the same evening another flaw of mine was directly pointed out by someone I love. I struggled not to sink into despair as I hung onto the promises. I tried to be thankful for the revelations, for how could I give them over to God if I didn’t know I needed help? Even with this thought the realization was painful.

Days later I was praying while driving home when these words came to me.

“For we are God’s masterpiece. He has created us anew in Christ Jesus, so we can do the good things He planned for us long ago…“ Ephesians 2:10 NLT

“A masterpiece”, I let it sink in. Normally I would have claimed this promise as “God doesn’t make junk”, try to lift my chin and move on. This time the meaning hit me completely different.

Now I probably will never paint a masterpiece however there are a few of my paintings that I hold as my favorites. From the very beginning I learned from other artists and experience that each painting goes through a stage where the temptation must be resisted to take it, crumple it in your hands and toss it. I now know that if I push forward shortly it will morph into something I will be proud of.

My eyes threatened to drip tears as the impact of what I just learned hit me. God the artist considers me to be His piece of art, His work is in progress. If I see flaws in myself it doesn’t mean that He has abandoned me, in fact it means the complete opposite. He’s working on me, His masterpiece!

“My child, don’t ignore it when the Lord disciplines you, and don’t be discouraged when He corrects you. For the Lord disciplines those He loves, and He punishes those He accepts as His children..
No discipline is enjoyable while it is happening – it is painful! But afterward there will be a quiet harvest of right living for those who are trained in this way. So take a new grip with your tired hands and stand firm on your shaky legs. Mark out a straight path for your feet. Then those who follow you, though they are weak and lame, will not stumble and fall but will become strong.” Hebrews 12:811 & 12 NLT

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3 thoughts on “His Masterpiece”

  1. Nelda Bracksieck

    You are the most unassuming talented young woman that I’ve never met except through your love of painting and pleasing our Lord. I love my pictures and have the opportunity of sharing you through them with everyone that comes into our home! May God continue His blessings on you while you spread His love through your work?

  2. Beautifully written. We all have our flaws for sure, but you are handling them according to His word.
    Love your heart as seen in your work!

  3. Thankyou for your words of encouragement to those of us who love the Lord. They help us to understand that despite our imperfections, God continues to persevere with guiding us daily through His word. May your ministry continue to be blessed.

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