A Valentine’s Day To Remember

I was twenty. Up until then the only thing I could expect on February 14 were heart shaped sugar cookies from my grandmother–the importance of this day was about to change.

I had wakened early and was ready hours before he said he would be there. I was full of excitement even twitterpated! At last a shiny silver car with a sporty spoiler pulled into my parents driveway. With purse in hand I ran to the driveway. My heart was beating fast, “breathe, breathe…” I told myself.

“I think you should drive” he said and handed me the keys. My heart raced as I slipped behind the wheel. I was in love and I knew it!

After 45 minutes of driving I parked the car at the agreed destination. With my purse in hand I got out and walked into the bank and up to the teller’s counter. “I would like to withdraw $2000 in cash” I said. The teller saw my companion standing by the door waiting for me. She was concerned for my well being and ushered me into a nearby office.

“Are you sure you want to do this?” she questioned. I assured her that yes, I was indeed safe and knew what I was doing. She left the room and returned with a large stack of bills. “One, two, three…” she began counting out hundred dollar bills. It was the first time I had ever seen a hundred dollar bill let alone twenty of them! Again my heart raced as I stuffed the fat envelope into my purse and made my way back to my waiting companion.

Again it was suggested that I should drive. I declined and tried to relax in the passengers seat. I pulled out the money and counted. I was sure there was a mistake I counted and recounted finally coming to the conclusion that the teller had been correct and had indeed given me the right amount.

Several hours later in a different town we pulled up to another bank. This time my companion took the lead. “I would like to pay out the loan on my car”– “with cash” he added. I then handed over the overstuffed envelope and again was questioned if this really was something I wanted to do. “Yes!” I assured him, “I’m in love with this car and I want to buy it!”

For those of you who were hoping for a bit of romance I won’t leave you disappointed. Two weeks prior to purchasing my car I had bravely approached a handsome young man of twenty-three and asked him for his advice. He hadn’t shown interest in me but my secret thought had been that he should be in on the decision as it just might happen to one day become “our” car.

I wasn’t disappointed. The following month we began courting. Within two months he proposed in front of the shiny silver car with the sporty spoiler. My answer was YES times three and in August we were married!

As parents of daughters, one married and the other of an eligible age, we now understand my father’s advice that “Rome indeed wasn’t built in a day.” However rash of a decision it appeared to have been; God was behind it and years of prayer had proceeded it.

“Delight yourself in the Lord, and he will give you the desires of your heart.” Psalms 37:4

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6 thoughts on “A Valentine’s Day To Remember”

  1. I wasn’t disappointed. I would say that at 20 years old you knew what you wanted. A pretty silver engagement ring with a spoiler. I love that you are feisty and a little daring. I bet you keep your husband on his toes.
    I loved your story

  2. The Lord has truly blessed you in more ways than one. Must say, you not only got the car but the guy as well. Keep up the good work. How are things going with you? Did you give it anymore thoughts about a “Mother” book and book marks.? Just asking. Sandy

  3. Thank u for this lovely testimony Shawna, I find it very uplifting and I will forward it to my friends. Much love…..in Christ. ??⚘

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