Little Girls, Bikes, and a Snake

The other day my sister and I were sharing childhood memories of our bikes, fleshing out details the other had forgotten. Our bikes had tall handle bars and big banana seats, one was blue, the other red. She confirmed hers was blue as she was the “policeman” since police cars were blue at the time. My sister and I enjoyed exploring our neighborhood on our bikes. We crawled through culverts, played in ditches where willows made natural forts, and mutually pestered the older neighbor boys on their bikes. We would play for hours until we heard three long honks of the truck horn, the signal to come home. It was a happy and free time.

We laughed as I recalled a memory. I was out on my own. I recall feeling all grown up…and then it happened! I remember exactly where I was. Down the hill around the corner and out of sight of home. There in front of me was a snake on the road. I was terrified and skidded to a stop. I dropped my bike right there in the middle of the road and ran home screaming straight into the arms of my Dad. Dad didn’t laugh, although I’m sure it was a comical sight, but what he did do was arm me with information that took away the fear of snakes, at least for that area. My Dad explained that we had no poisonous snakes and that what I saw was a harmless garter snake. It’s funny to look at the ridiculous reasoning of a child. If it had been a dangerous snake ditching the safety of my bike could have been hazardous.

After reveling in childhood memories, our conversation shifted to more adult topics and current events. We agreed that once again there is a “snake (Rev 12:9)” slithering about causing some to abandon what should be hung onto for safety. The true nature of the “snake” is deception. We are warned that “false messiahs and false prophets will rise up and perform great signs and wonders so as to deceive, if possible, even God’s chosen ones (Matthew 24:24) NLT.” The only way to escape the poison is to dig into our Bibles and claim the promise that “…. He will guide you into all truth…. He will tell you about the future.” John 16:13 NLT

After talking to my Dad I headed back down the dusty road and confidently retrieved my bike. We too, if armed with God’s Word can confidently face end time events trusting our Heavenly Father.

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2 thoughts on “Little Girls, Bikes, and a Snake”

    1. Thank you Laura. A year ago I felt God was telling me to write a weekly blog. I drug my feet for some time as I worried I would run out of things to say. Finally I told God that if He wanted me to write He would have to give me something once a week. Its fun seeing what He comes up with 🙂

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