God Used a Woman & More

To the anonymous lady at the Chevy Dealership I wish to thank you.

This morning we swallowed hard as we watched the taillights disappear down the driveway. After spending several days with us the time had come for our daughter, son-in-law, and grandbaby, to make the long drive home. A stomach flu had already delayed them a day and they must be back for work in the morning. We walked away from the window, both distracted in thought, praying for their safety and well being.

Soon the silence was interrupted by a call, they were having car trouble. Being a young family money must be budgeted to make monthly bills. Since trip expenses sucked up any extra… you can see the dilemma. What to do??? Anxiety was great.

“We are at the Chevy Dealership fifteen minutes down the road. Just to look at the car to see what is wrong will cost us $119. They will start as soon as I sign the paperwork. What do we do?”

Good question–what DO you do? Of course we would never leave them stranded, we are their parents; however the age old question stands, when do you help and when do you let God have a chance to show Himself? We asked God to tell us. My husband gathered a few tools and we headed to where they were, praying the whole way.

Baby Grace was grinning and excited to see us. I happily scooped her up.

Good news! The dealership had decided to wave the $119 fee to look at the car. The car was already in the shop being examined.

We left to do a couple errands and returned. The problem had been found, but they needed a part they didn’t have. They were trying to track one down. We waited… I soaked up more Grandma time.

Soon we got the message, that realizing their urgency to get home the dealership was taking the part off a car on the lot! They would be on their way shortly. What a relief! God was not only answering our prayers but theirs. We continued to pray as there was still the issue of the money.

About a half hour later our son-in-law walked into the waiting room all traces of anxiety was gone. He grinned big as he relayed to us what had just taken place.

Before we had arrived an older lady shared the waiting room with our kids. She had visited with our daughter and played with little Grace. Apparently when she paid for her car repairs she had left $100 to go towards their bill. Not only had she gifted them money, someone in the service department had also pitched in $100! When all was said and done the kids left not only with their entire bill paid, but also with $38 much needed cash. Our daughter gasped, “I was praying for a miracle I just didn’t expect it to be like this!”

We once again said our goodbyes and drove down the road, comforted with the knowledge that God had not only answered our prayer but the prayer of our children.

“Those who fear the Lord are secure; He will be a refuge for their children” Proverbs 14:26 NLT

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4 thoughts on “God Used a Woman & More”

  1. Praise God! We are so more precious to Him than we often remember! Thank you for your sweet story showing how much He loves us! ‘Oh How He Loves You and Me’ ?

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