Childlike Faith

Have you noticed that often the biggest answers to prayer are gifted to children?

Our oldest daughter was nearly nine years of age. She and I took one of those precious Mommy and daughter days. We were headed to “town” with our box-van to pick up a load of plywood for our cabinet shop. We lived in a small community, the nearest shopping and supplies were nearly an hour’s drive away.

After loading the plywood we visited the wholesale store and purchased fresh produce, cases of dry goods and 25 lbs sacks of flour, groceries that would hold us over until the next needed trip to “town.”

“Town” trips, although fun, were exhausting. Usually the list was long with multiple appointments and stops. In my haste to get back home to make supper I forgot to check the gas gauge. Halfway home I realized my mistake. The needle on the gauge hovered dangerously just above empty. Technology had yet to catch up to our area.  There were no cell phones, and we were on the notorious “Highway of Tears” where year after year women go missing.

I glanced at my daughter and told her my mistake. It is at this point that I have one of my warmest memories.

She bounced in the passenger seat, her hands to her face audibly praying that Jesus would keep the truck from running out of gas. Soon the needle slipped down to empty and then hit the lowest position on the gauge and stopped. Together we prayed. We climbed a large hill and I gave a sigh of relief.  We had made it past the big one! The road leveled out and continued through twists and turns. We again climbed, this time a gradual slope, the engine sputtered and coughed. The prayers in the right seat continued as only a child can pray. I knew if we could just make it a couple more miles we would start to descend into our hometown and could coast to the gas station at the bottom of the hill.

“Dear Jesus, please get us to the top of the hill!!”

After what seemed like forever we crested the last hill–the engine sputtered and coughed for the very last time and went silent.  I shifted the truck into neutral and coasted the last two miles into town.

My daughter was ecstatic, and now really bounced in the seat beside me.  Once home she ran ahead of me to find my husband and our youngest daughter to tell them how Jesus had answered our prayer!

Now God could have just as easily reminded me to fuel up…however; I believe He allowed it to help grow the faith of a nine-year-old.

Jesus said “Assuredly, I say to you, unless you are converted and become as little children, you will by no means enter the kingdom of heaven.” Matthew 18:3 What did Jesus mean? What is so different about children? It simply boils down to trust. There are none more full of trusting faith than that of a child.

We all have situations that look hopeless. None are more seemingly hopeless than the father who brought His demon possessed son to the feet of Jesus to be healed. May my prayer be as his.  “..Lord, I believe; help thou my unbelief. ” Mark 9:24 NKJV

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6 thoughts on “Childlike Faith”

  1. That truly is a great reminder of just how good God is. We can depend on Him to do the impossible.
    I sure love Him. And I trust Him with all my heart. Thank you for your stories.

    1. No matter how big the problem God sees, knows , and cares.
      Nothing is too big for him.
      My faith now is a large as a mustard seed.
      I just need to hang on

  2. Shawna, thank you for this blessed reminder of how simple it is to belong to Him. We are so loved and cared for. Your story reminds me of the days raising our family. We also took those hour long trips to “town.” Our children still chide me about how many things we had to get done when we left the mountain. Now my babies all have their own babies and are remembering their child like faith. They are teaching their children and the children are teaching them Such a sweet thing He has done for us!

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