Blessings In Double

It was my art that connected us. She was recently parted from a bad marriage, without a job, and without a home. She was broken and desperately needed encouragement. I told her I would pray. She longed for a calendar but she had no money. To both satisfy her desire and preserve her pride. I gave her my proof copy. She hugged it tightly.

From time to time I would see her in the grocery store. Every time she would remind me to pray for her. She went back to school. It didn’t come easy but she pressed on. She found a minimum wage job and moved into an apartment. Things were looking up but she struggled to pay the rent. By then I had a proof for next year’s calendar. I delivered it to her apartment. On the table lay calendar number one. “I keep it there so I can turn the pages and read it every day,” she told me. She set the next one beside it. “Please pray for me,” she said as I went to leave.

Again I bumped into her at the grocery store, her smile was getting bigger each time I saw her. Her job was more secure and she was given a raise. “Please pray for me,” she grinned. Several months passed and another calendar year, when I received a message. “How much would it cost to purchase four calendars?” I gave her a deep discount to make it possible. The third calendar was added to the other two on the table. That year I gave her the proof copy of the prayer journal You Heard me Crying For My Son and also the one for a daughter. When I delivered the calendars and journals she introduced me to her new cat. A sparkle was in her eyes that I had never seen before. You could see the hand of God in her life. Little bit by little bit her life was getting better as she claimed the promises. I didn’t see her again for an entire year.

2020 has been a strange year. When Covid began people “lived” on social media. They came together, sang songs and shared pictures. During this time, visits to my website skyrocketed. As spring turned into summer the daily visits returned to what it was before Covid. Then the protests began followed by the race for president. Social media became hostile and many people left. My online sales nearly came to a complete standstill. Last week I found myself in my art room standing by my large stock of calendars and cards. I reminded God that my art is His to do with as He wished. My heart was full of peace as I closed the door behind me.

Later that day I received a text message from her. “Can I have five 2021 calendars? What is the total at your regular rate? God has been blessing me and I want to pass some of that blessing to you.” My heart soared, I was seeing God in action in double!

As I delivered the five calendars she told me how Covid has been a blessing to her. Her job was now paying equal to that of a nurse’s wage. Then I told her my story. Her eyes danced as I thanked her for listening to God. The days that have followed have continued to be full of surprises, both cancellations of events and unexpected opportunities. However I know without a shadow of doubt God is in control and is forever faithful!

Cast all your anxiety on Him because He cares about you. -1 Peter 5:7

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16 thoughts on “Blessings In Double”

  1. Bonnie Fitzsimmons

    I love your new blog-Blessings In Double! What a great and inspiring story in your life! When we follow God’s plan to be a blessing to others in whatever way we can; to show compassion and kindness and pray ?❤️ for them-we are also blessed in return! God is forever faithful and God is so good, all the time.! May God’s. peace be with you as you trust in Him for all your needs.

  2. Again and again I do what this woman has done. I turn the pages on the calendar and reread entries in You heard me crying, both son and daughter. Its amazing what joy we get when we see the movement by the hand of God. It appears we have been planted in this season of Covid and every other craziness we never imagined. I have to remind myself of my mommas saying, “Grow where you’re planted.”
    I pray I grow. I dont want to leave this moment with nothing to show for it.
    God bless you Shawna, God still uses you to show others who He is.

  3. Thank you for this story. God has this! I stubbled (really? God’s divine appointment) at 5 am and purchased something. He knows how to steer people to you and bring income. I love reading how God is faithful and gives joy. May He continue to be your praise as you share these stories.

  4. Hi Shawna, thank you so much for your lovely testimonies that you share with us.

    Do you send any of your calendars over to the UK? I see that you sell now only in the USA & Canada? I would really like to order one of your calendars and maybe something else too. I have send you a message but I do not know if you received it.

    Many blessings in the Lord
    Norma ?❣⚘⚘⚘

  5. God is ever a Presence ? in Your life and heart ❤ to see others needs and to Encourage them to keep on listening to His voice ❤.
    Praying about Everything and Sharing with others ? who needs a helping hand in their lives. They will be able to make some changes in their lives ? as they are listening to His voice and feels His Presence in their own life. Thanks ? for God’s Healing ? ❤ through your Encouragement and friendships along the way.

  6. Hello Vickie,
    i am the ‘woman’ Shawna wrote about… what a beautiful telling of our story of how her watercolors have touched my heart/life! The story brought tears and memories of how God has led and is continuing to lead. Your quote “Grow where you’re planted” reminds me of what the Lord told me to do… “Brighten the corner, where you are”. Now I’m sending Shawna’s calendars to those I love… Praying it will be to God’s glory!

    **Thank you Shawna for the opportunity to spread God’s love to others who are hurting and may God continue to inspire and lead in your amazing ministry!! I love you Shawna… <3

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