Some of you may have heard that my husband recently wrote a book. The following is the account, told by my husband, of the background of why it was written and the dramatic miracle story of how God provided and made it happen. Enjoy the read. – Shawna

When God Said Write

by Troy Wright

I have had many personal encounters with perfection over the last 30 years as an elder and preacher in our church. Over and over again I have been confronted by this problem and its very destructive influence. I have openly related some of these experiences in this book. I have also encountered the very real problems of perfection on a ministerial level. It has been exhibited in the attitudes of legalism, liberalism, rebellion, and most frustratingly, the lukewarm condition of us as a people. For many years, I would not/could not confront this perfection issue in any meaningful way. I simply tried to get by and live with this elephant in the room. Then God brought perfection into glaring focus in my life again. God says that if any man wishes to know of the doctrine, it will be revealed to him if he asks God. So I threw this problem back in His teeth and told Him plainly that if He wished to trouble me with this problem, then He had better show me the solution. He did just that. He did it by way of a simple Bible study.

I began to share this Bible study over a number of years until one day, over a year ago, Dennis Davis, my brother in Christ, said, “Troy, you need to write this in a book.” I am not a writer, and what’s more, I have an objection to people spending too much time in other books, robbing themselves of meaningful Bible study. I resisted his appeals, but he, being a kindly and persistent chap, kept at me. Finally, to get him off my back, I told Him I would pray about it… I did pray, but not enthusiastically. I told God that if He wanted me to write a book then He should tell me plainly to do so, and that by the way, I didn’t have time to write much as I had a company to run and many ministerial duties to attend to… God has said, “If you need wisdom-if you want to know what God wants you to do-ask and He will gladly tell you” (James 1:5 NLT). Well I did ask, and He made things crystal clear in a hurry!

Here I must give a brief personal back history; I have had a small business for the last 27 years. Most of that time we were located in the far north of British Columbia, Canada. Up there the population is very low. More than that, for most of the time I have been in business, we were in an area with an unemployment rate, above 90%! (government figures, not mine). All those years God was faithful to us, providing work in an economic desert. My boast when trying to inspire others with faith in God had been that, for 25 years, He had never left me one single day without work in the shop! It was incredible, and I was very proud of Him for His faithfulness!

Then, as I mentioned above, I “prayed about it.” Work stopped cold! I, not being the dimmest bulb on the tree as they say, recognized the answer to my prayer. I began to write every day… for 5 ½ months! Now I don’t know how much it costs others to live per month and carry the overhead of a small business, but I know how much it costs us! We did not go into this fiscal desert with anything left of our savings. No credit cards or lines of credit to rely on. We had just completed a move from Canada to the United States. We had put almost all we had into the building of a new house and shop. Somehow God provided the money for us to live while I wrote this book. By big/little blessings and miracles here and there He managed the “Mana.” The only work I had during this almost 6 month famine, was two small wood trophy bases. The disruption these tiny projects caused in the book writing process, showed me why God had cut off work so completely (I’m no good at doing two things at once). Then one day, suddenly it seemed, I had finished the rough draft of the main body of this book. Literally fifteen minutes after I wrote the last sentence, a man walked into my shop and handed me a check for the down payment on a kitchen which he needed right away. I have been drowning in work ever since! I have no doubt that God not only gave me the answers to my prayer for understanding, but that He also wants these answers to be shared with others.

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  1. Wow!!! The blog was inspiring to say the least! God is definitely in charge of our life’s. I want to read this wonderful God-inspired book.

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