“The Lost Will & Testament & The Problem of Perfection”

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I had the honor of doing the artwork and cover design of this very good book. I also have the honor of being the wife of the author 🙂 -Shawna

The topic of perfection can be a scary one. I promise you will enjoy this in depth Bible study and will come out on the other side full of peace.

Peace & Perfection
Not usually Words That Are Associated Together!
Yet that is what this book offers to the church

All through our history the problem of perfection has exhibited its crippling influence. It has distressed and divided the church as few other issues have!

We find ourselves in a dilemma. On the one hand, we believe from the Scriptures that we are saved, not by the keeping of the law of God, but by His grace through faith alone.

On the other hand the Bible teaches plainly that God’s law stands fast. It is the unchanging and invariable standard of right. The Bible states plainly that in heaven there will be no sin, none! To enter into the gates of the city of God, we must be *without spot or wrinkle or any such thing* (Eph. 5:27). We do not possess that kind of perfection. We all *fall short of the glory of God* (Rom. 3:23). How is absolute moral perfection to become a reality? Is it something God is waiting for us to achieve? Or is it perhaps, like all the other aspects of our salvation, a gift?

This book contains a Bible study unlike any other: An understanding of truth that reconciles this dilemma. This understanding will bring the believer in Jesus a profound and wonderful rest in Him and His righteousness.” -Troy

If you would like to read the miracle story of how this book came to be I recently posted a blog about it you can read it in this link.

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