Facing The Storm

Facing The Storm We’ve all seen them, jigsaw puzzles of mountain vistas, stands of evergreen forests, waterfalls and pristine lakes. For some these scenes go no further than beautiful pictures, for me they represent my childhood. Before I could even walk my parents took me camping. One of my earliest memories is sharing my lunch …

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Last One Picked

Last One Picked “Pick Dean, he’s fast.” a girl shouted out. “We pick Dean. Your turn” her friend yelled. “Kevin, we want you!” another voice called. My mind wandered through flashbacks of schoolyard recess and lunch breaks. I recalled knowing where I ranked in popularity. If I wasn’t last I was sure to be picked …

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A Childhood Prayer

A Childhood Prayer He had pure white hair and was a deacon at our church. I was a young child. I don’t recall ever talking to him, I just know one day I noticed his absence…he never returned. As a small child I was taught to pray for others. I still remember the list of …

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