How It All Began

In January of 2015, over 1200 miles away, my severely injured father sat propped in a chair. Dad was in excruciating pain, my heart ached wanting to help him. I was inspired to make him a journal of Bible promises and hymns. It wasn’t beautiful; in fact it was rather rough as my drawing experience stopped at stick men, but it was from my heart.

Every morning I emailed my Dad a new journal entry. Daily I prayed for inspiration, holding my hands out to God asking Him to bless and use them. Soon my journal was full. Dad was gaining encouragement, I had no choice but to start another journal. Six months later I was working on journal number four. The pages were more detailed and contained several simple water color paintings.

Later that fall I began praying that God would use me for Him. shortly after starting to pray that prayer I had painted my first bird painting for my Dad’s birthday. This quickly turned into sharing on Facebook, publishing a calendar and starting a Website. Since then thousands of people have been encouraged by the same promises and scripture that have encouraged my Dad and me. I pray they encourage you as well.

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